4 Tips From a Boutique Owner When Styling Your Senior Photo Shoot

Updated: Jun 29

In collaboration with @Himherphoto, I created a blog to give high school seniors 4 tips when it comes to styling your senior photoshoot. Check it out! Dressing for your Senior Pictures is a big deal. You want to remember your senior year and capture all that you have accomplished in just a few pictures! So what do you wear? How do you get all of that in one photo?!?! This is what I, a boutique owner, would do. 1) Pick Colors that Match Your Personality You know who you are and what colors scream you. Are you a pastel gal or a bright pink person? Do you dress in mostly black or style yourself in florals?  2) Look into the details What accessories do you choose? Go for something made in your town! Check your local boutiques or entrepreneurs and get something that speaks to you.  When picking your clothing look at edges, seams, and collars. Do you love the frayed edges, the scalloped bottoms, or the distressed pieces? Oh man, this is my favorite part. I love what makes a piece of clothing unique.  3) The Fit I feel like this is pretty obvious, but I can't overlook it. A dynamite outfit will hug your curves in all the right places or show off your legs like your in a broadway dance! So search the stores for an outfit that fits in all the right places. Do a few poses in the dressing room if you have to! 4) The Message How you style yourself for your photoshoot tells us what you are about. If you wear a volleyball uniform you're sporty, if you wear a blazer you're headed to business school, or if you wear a super cute floral dress maybe you're going to art school!?!? Wear whatever makes you YOU!

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