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Updated: Jun 29

Hi. Hey. Hello!!

It's Evan!

When I first created Casual Business, I knew I wanted to do everything I could to spread God's Truth. Jesus created us to reflect his pursuit of people at all costs, and right now is the BEST time to support my fellow sisters in Christ and really pursue them!

So below are my favorite black (and women)-owned businesses. Check them out!! 

1. Saved By Grace Co.

Whitney, the owner of Saved by Grace Co., has an amazing heart. She creates with a love of God that shines throughout all her products.

Her company is full of inspirational products helping others see glimpses of God in everyday things. Not only is Saved by Grace a safe space to find products ranging from home decor to simple accessories and shirts, but it's a safe space for prayers! Whitney invites her customers to send in prayer requests! I love the idea of submitting a prayer request. Don't you?!

Check out her website:https://savedbygraceco.com/

2. Pin and Proper

Brandi started her business while celebrating the pride of her Alma Mater, A & T University. Her products now consist of stickers, greeting cards, pins, and key chains! She is a woman full of creativity and humor, creating trendy products to celebrate others. Her lapels and cards are small ways to have a huge impact on someone's day! 

Visit Brandi's Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PAPERbyBrandi

3. Conscious Mind

Jalisa is a colorful minimalist. She loves living life to the fullest, by placing values on the things she loves most. Besides her family, one of the things she loves most is fashion. She creates clay jewelry for any type of woman to love and also offers her customers the ability to customize them! 

Check out More: https://consciousmindsap.com/

4. Enjoi Natural Body Products

Enjoi Natural Body Products offers all-natural whipped body butter and body scrubs. Joi wanted to find a way to help her daughter's skin. Due to her having serious allergies, she was not able to go outside because the spring air caused eczema flare-ups. She is passionate about helping others keep their skin beautiful and moisturized with products ranging from lotions, essential oils, and more. 

Find your favorite natural products: https://enjoinbp.com/

5. The Intimate Cook

In 2016 Toni decided to make her health a priority. After a while, she met her goal of getting back to her high school weight! She now owns The Intimate Cook LLC where she motivates and teaches people how to eat, train, and stay physically, emotionally, and mentally well. She is passionate about helping others become healthier versions of themselves by sharing great recipes and reviews of healthy tips for you and more! 

Check out her website: https://theintimatecook.com/

These businesses are created by amazing women that I personally support and love! Thank you for reading more about their stories and checking out their businesses!


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