Kiara's Favorite Business Items!

Updated: Jun 29

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Kiara, and I am the new intern at Casual Business!

One reason why I immediately hopped on this opportunity to intern at Casual Business was the style. As a fashion design major, going to conferences and interviews, I love adding a bit of style to my professional wear. So here's a list of my personal favs at Casual Business... 

1. The New Peachy Dress! 

Some may have seen me try this on for Try on Thursdays. When I say this dress was comfortable, I mean it! I love the feeling of the fabric and the color is my favorite. This dress is not only business attire, but it can also be used for 300 other reasons.'s only $30!

2. My next favorite is everything PRINTED!

From the sweaters to the skirt, I am in love with prints. The Pink Lady skirt is so trendy and a cute pop of color to any outfit. My next favorite printed item is the Zebra Tank, this tank is cool and still elegant. This tank would give a great professional look paired with The Little Black Blazer. Lastly, The Safari Days Sweater! This sweater can be worn on a day to the office, whenever the office becomes a thing again or just throw on your jeans, and its a cute casual outfit. Also, it is not itchy at all, it is so so soft! 

3. The black blazer.

Why the black blazer you may ask? because the black blazer can be worn with anything!! This blazer can elevate any basic outfit, and compliment any professional bottom and blouse. 

4. The Made by Maeberry earrings.

The Made by Maeberry earrings are so simple, but also able to make a statement in your wardrobe. Each earring is a pastel color that can be paired with any outfit. 

5. Last but not least. The shoes!!

Casual Business has the perfect shoes to add to your professional wardrobe. My personal favs are the I mean BUSINESS sling back heels and the Goal Girl Sandal. After trying on the Goal Girl Sandal I ended up buying them. These sandals are so comfortable with a low heel and still so trendy. 

Thanks for reading! We will talk again soon!


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