The best advice I have ever gotten is... fear is a liar.

If you are a Christian and have heard of spiritual warfare, then you understand what it means to feel like the devil is playing with your emotions. I personally believe the devil likes to work through our feelings to thwart God's plans.

Especially fear. Fear stops us from doing what we want to do, fulfilling God's plans, and can cause massive waves of worry. In a time where we are all in a constant state of panic, fear can creep in and cause us to become even more anxious, sad, or overwhelmed.

So, I have to constantly step out of my head and journal my thoughts and emotions. Writing down my thoughts or feelings helps remind myself what is TRUE and push away the false ideals the devil plants in my head. If I don't do this, I constantly think of the worst possible scenarios or overthink normal conversations. Anyone else?

Journaling isn't the only thing that helps clear my head though. Other things that help are:

1) Joining a small group (for the community!)

2) Working out

3) Reading

4) Watching a funny/light tv show (parks and recreation)

5) Gardening

6) Snuggling a puppy

7) Doing something kind for someone else (try baking)

8) Creating art work

If you need a good place to start, Romans 8 speaks specifically about how nothing can ever separate us from God. Romans 8 also just happens to be what my church is studying right now ;)

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